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Yinzhou Pengcheng Precision Casting Factory
Address: Yunlong Town, Yin
             County,Ningbo, Zhejiang
Contact Person: Mr. Dong Wei
Zip Code: 315137
Phone: 86 - 574 - 88493487-8002
           86 - 574 - 88347277
Fax: 86 - 574 - 88494320
Mobile: 13605745918

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Ningbo YinZhou Pengcheng Precision Casting Factory is one of the leading steel foundries in China with export license. By Using lost wax casting and investment casting processes, we can manufacture nearly all kinds of common carbon steel casting, alloy steel casting, stainless steel casting etc. as well as provide the excellent service of machining for all the casting products. We are professional manufacturer in casting, forging and machining.
Casting: two processes:
1. Lost wax (yellow wax) process (castings weight are from 0.5kgs-150kgs)

This process is usually used for replacement for sand casting process out of china. The quality is better than sand castings (out of china) in tolerance control and surface finish, and the price is more competitive also.
2. Colloidal silica binder process in low temperature wax (yellow wax, called as compound shell process in china). This process is used only for some larger stainless steel castings (weight from 0.50kg to 80kgs) with medium tolerance requirements.
Forging: Although we get the forgings from other factories, the subcontracted forging factories are excellent. We began our purchase of raw forging parts since three years ago and the annual quantity is more than 1000tons. We are experienced and gain high reputation from our customers of forging.

The complete equipments of our cooperative forging factories can fabricate your forged parts most efficiently and effectively: 3tons air hammer; 1500tons punch; 2000tons friction press and etc. We can provide the parts with weight of around 40kgs.
Machining: Our machining workshop occupies an area more than 2400 sq.m. and equipped with the advanced machining facilities. Nearly 50pcs CNC lathes, CMM machine, machining centers along with many ordinary types of machinery can provide you the excellent service of machining.
Quality Control: The production quality insurance is throughout the whole process from sample development, mass production and post-sale service. Rich experience in manufacture, scientific quality control method, advanced inspection equipments and detailed & formal inspection reports are the strong support to quality assurance. Our perfect inspection equipments: Spectrometer Analyzer; Low Temperature Impact Tester; Tensile Strength Tester; Hydraulic Pressure Tester; Brinell Hardness; CMM Machine; Surface Roughness Measurement; Magnetic Particle Tester; Ultrasonic Tester and etc.
95% of our parts are exported to abroad. We are keeping well cooperation with many noted enterprises all over the world. Sorry for non-information of the customers, as we have confidential agreement with all our customers.
Pursuing the principal of seek perfection in good, make quality to top, we sincerely hope to establish the longCterm cooperation with your honored company on the bases of mutual benefit and mutual respect.

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